It's important to assess what you need from your new carpet. 

Buying Carpet In Elizabethtown, KY

We love helping families bring home the ultimate in coziness and comfort: the supremely soft feel of premium carpet that helps families relax and unwind. Did you know that US carpet sales are greater than all other flooring options combined? Perfect for playing games, watching movies, and reading books together, adults, kids, and pets all love the feel of a plush pile. Before you bring home your favorite carpet style, take a moment to review a few key factors to set up long-term success for new carpet in your home. Here are some valuable considerations that can make all the difference!

Carpet Shopping | Corvin's Floors & Cabinets

Where is your new carpet going?

Different types of carpet will suit different areas in the home better than others. For high activity areas such as family rooms or kid’s bedrooms, look for stain resistance, resiliency, softness, and color clarity so these rooms will look attractive while handling the fun. For more formal living rooms, dining rooms, master bedrooms, and guest bedrooms that see less activity and foot traffic, indulge in all the softness, texture, and luxuriousness you crave! When buying carpet for hallways and entranceways, select a carpet construction and fiber that can handle high foot traffic and remain easy to clean.

Carpet Construction for Active Areas

If you have an active home with kids and pets, it's best to stay away from expensive carpet fibers and super plush carpet piles. Instead, focus on carpet construction that will be easy to clean and can help prevent damage. For instance, level loop carpets are excellent for resisting foot traffic and paws running through the house, and will make a great fit for entryways, hallways, and stairs. We love multi-level loop carpet piles that vary in height to create eye-catching patterned textures that add style and visual interest while helping to camouflage dirt, mud, pet accidents, and spills. Use this valuable carpet type for a child’s bedroom, playroom, or a rec room.

Best Carpet Fibers for Active Homes

Selecting the right carpet fiber is all about understanding the needs of different areas in the home. Nylon fiber provides reliable performance, easy cleanability, and resiliency, while handling heavy traffic, resisting stains, and maintaining its appearance. Available at a medium price point, a nylon is a great fit for an active, unpredictable home with kids and pets! When it comes to affordable new carpet, polyester carpet fiber will offer style, value, greater recyclability, suitable durability, stain protection, and fade resistance. Triexta fiber is also incredibly stain resistant, eco-friendly, and durable carpet, so it's a great match for highly active households that require low maintenance carpet.

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