Get ready for your new carpet and soothing soft steps. 


When the big day is approaching, it helps to spend time preparing for your new carpet installation to ensure your crew can work as efficiently as possible and that your results will be as exceptional as can be! We know how much it can throw off the routines of an active household to completely block off high-use areas. We’ve put together our best steps and practices so that you can be prepared for the unexpected and so that your rooms will be displaced for the minimal amount of time. Every carpet installation is unique and different rooms have specific considerations so let's get started now…

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If your new design refresh involves painting, make sure all the painting has been completed before the new carpet installation begins. When new carpet is being installed, your old floors will need to be removed entirely. Carpet requires a level subfloor before installation. You may need to spend time leveling the subfloor or improving the subfloor conditions for the new carpet. With any new installation, there’s a chance the flooring height will rise, so you may need to adjust your doors beforehand so that they will fit once the new carpet is down. Remove your baseboards and trim, and shave doors down now!

It goes without saying that you will need to properly clear the area where your new carpet is going! Remove all furniture and items from the room, remove all framed pieces off the walls, and disconnect all appliances and electronics. This step may take an extra day in advance when it comes to relocating sizeable furniture like couches, pool tables, or exercise equipment. From curtains to aquariums, these rooms and their closets need to be completely emptied. Consider designating a work zone for your flooring installers to keep their carpet installation tools and carpet rolls during the installation process.

We always recommend that you ventilate the home with fresh air by opening windows and turning on fans during carpet installation and up to 24 hours after. Keep all children and pets safely away from tools, materials, and the carpet installation process. Block out your calendar for the installation days so that you can be responsive to your installation crew for any conflicts that arise or to answer questions about your household. Also, your installers are experts so this is the time to bring up any questions or requests you may have. Give the new carpet at least 24 hours for adhesive or glue to set before using the room and bringing furniture back in.

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