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Picking the right Rugs for your room

Choosing the right rugs is all about understanding the needs of your household and the rooms where you want to add them. Will these rooms experience more activity or need greater surface protection? We can find the perfect rug fiber, construction, and style to suit your specific conditions.

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Before you buy Area Rugs

Always think about your room conditions and the maintenance needs of your new rug. Although we all love soft area rugs, not all rug pile heights and constructions are suitable for the same areas. Different fibers will come at different price points so keep your budget in mind.

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Area Rugs Care & Maintenance

With regular vacuuming and proper spill treatment, your rugs will look new and remain attractive for years.

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Area Rugs pads

Area rug pads will enhance the performance in your rooms with extra comfort and moisture protection.

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Flooring Calculator

Use our helpful flooring calculator so that you can begin accurately planning and budgeting for your new rugs.

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Learn more about area rug STYLES

Let's take a moment to review all of the fabulous rug styles that you can use within your gorgeous rooms.

Learn How Area Rugs Are Made | Corvin's Floors & Cabinets

LEARN HOW area rugs are MADE

If you want to learn how rugs are made, you have come to the experts! Here's how your soft pieces are created:

Glossary of Area Rug Terms | Corvin's Floors & Cabinets

Glossary of Area Rug Terms

Here are some of the common rug terms that you will come across when you are shopping for new styles:

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With Roomvo, you can see our products in your home before you buy. Simply upload your photo to see your room come to life!

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