You will cherish how easy laminate floors are to care for. 

Laminate Care In Elizabethtown, KY

Thanks to modern innovation, it’s never been easier to purchase laminate options that are stylish, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. With regular care and maintenance, as well as taking the appropriate steps to protect the surface, the laminate floors in your home will serve your family well and continue to look amazing for years. Remember to always check with your manufacturer’s care guidelines beforehand, but here are some additional valuable tips for cleaning and protecting your laminate flooring:

Laminate Cleaning | Corvin's Floors & Cabinets

Preventative Care

It’s always helpful to have residents and guests remove footwear by the door on a designated mat or rack to prevent footprints, scuffs, and debris from reaching your floors. Added area rugs will also help protect your laminate surface from dirt, moisture, pet accidents, and foot traffic, especially in your entranceways and hallways to remove particles and catch outdoor elements. If you have pets, you should trim pet nails and claws to avoid creating scratches, as well as brush your cats and dogs regularly to reduce pet dander. Place felt or nylon pads under all furniture legs and always lift or use a dolly when moving heavy furniture in the home. Avoid using furniture with rollers as these can damage flooring surfaces.

Regular Laminate Care

Always remove loose dirt and dust regularly as both a cleaning and precautionary step. Sweep your laminate flooring with a soft bristle broom or dry mop several times a week in order to remove particles from the surface, prevent abrasion and damage to the finish, and restore a vibrant appearance. If you want to vacuum your laminate floor, avoid using a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar to prevent scratches on hard surfaces and check your flooring manufacturer’s warranty and recommendations before investing in a robot vacuum cleaner.

Spill & Spot Treatment

Wipe spills and spots as soon as you can using paper towels, clean cloth, or damp sponge, and use warm water to loosen any stuck-on stains. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, rough scrubbers, stiff bristle brushes, or steel wool to clean your laminate surface. If you need more spot treatment, use a recommended laminate-specific cleaner from your laminate manufacturer’s website. Test any gentle cleaning solution in a less noticeable area and avoid any cleaning products that contain ammonia, bleach, oil, acid, colors, or dyes. Read your product warranty carefully before wet-mopping your laminate floors.

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