Cover all the bases to ensure your purchase is perfect for your home. 

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Are you ready for gorgeous new hardwood flooring? As the anchor to your design scheme and the foundation to handle the activity in your home, we know that purchasing hardwood floors is a major home investment! New hardwood floors will even add value to your home if you want to relist it on the market in the future. The right purchase will allow you to love the floors as you live on them now and will serve the property for decades to come. Here are some thoughtful considerations that we like to present before you purchase hardwood flooring:

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Household Lifestyle

You love the look of hardwood floors, but are they suited for the rooms you want them in and your lifestyle factors? If you have an active home with kids, pets, high foot traffic, and frequent get-togethers, you will need to investigate a hardwood species that lends more durability such as hickory or even bamboo. A softer species like pine can dent or scratch easily. If you want wood beauty in rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and laundry rooms, you will need to explore engineered or waterproof hardwood that can handle moisture and humidity to avoid damage over time.

Design & Pattern

Before you purchase new hardwood flooring, make sure you like the way your favorite option will contrast and pair with your respective wall colors. Avoid similar floor and wall colors, and make sure that any wall or flooring patterns do not clash. Consider a patterned hardwood plank layout such as herringbone, chevron, or diagonal stripe to help create the visual interest you need. Whereas you can use laminate or vinyl to complete renovations with less financial and long-term commitment, hardwood floors are a more permanent fixture. You will be able to refinish real wood floors over time to give them a renewed feel.


We do not recommend that you try to install hardwood planks, and we do not consider hardwood installation to be DIY-friendly. You will need many tools including saws, leveling tools, compressors, nail guns, sanders, buffers, and more, as well as knowledge of centering rooms, expansion gaps, working around doors, closets, and stairs, and cutting planks for tricky floorplans. Mistakes are expensive and time-consuming, and many product warranties are extremely contingent on proper installation. Since the hardwood installation process is complicated and planks are expensive, we strongly recommend hiring licensed professionals to handle your hardwood floors!

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