Explore how different hardwood flooring styles can uplift your rooms.

Hardwood Styles In Elizabethtown, KY

For unmistakable presence and character, hardwood flooring has always been incredibly popular and extremely appealing for chic living spaces. In addition to actually adding value to your home, hardwood floors immediately communicate natural beauty and luxury. As you explore fashion-forward hardwood flooring choices inside our showroom, you can use factors like color, texture, graining, and plank design to narrow your search. Let’s take a quick look at the different hardwood styles that can transform your familiar rooms with dazzling results.

Hardwood Floor | Corvin's Floors & Cabinets

Here are a few basic hardwood styles to explore

Time-honored hardwood floors offer your rooms incredible beauty and long-term benefits. Take the time to review all of the exciting options that you can bring home.

Hardwood-Solid | Corvin's Floors & Cabinets

Solid Hardwood

Solid wood planks consist of one solid piece of wood and these floors can be sanded and refinished multiple times during the life of the floor. Solid wood floors will be more expensive, but the investment can easily pay off with increased home value. Typically nailed to the sub-flooring, solid wood will expand and contract in humid climates and moisture is not welcome.

Hardwood Engineered flooring | Corvin's Floors & Cabinets

Engineered Wood

Engineered hardwood has a top veneer of actual wood bonded to several layers of less expensive plywood underneath. This layered construction creates performance benefits such as greater moisture resistance. Engineered hardwood can be manufactured for floating installation which makes installation easier and reduces installation costs.

Hardwood-Waterproof | Corvin's Floors & Cabinets

Waterproof Hardwood

Waterproof hardwood options featuring a genuine wood veneer and a composite core for complete moisture resistance. Many waterproof hardwood manufacturers offer lifetime residential warranties for peace of mind. Professional installation is recommended for waterproof hardwood to ensure an air-tight waterproof lock and prevent voiding any warranties.

Hardwood-Wider Longer Plank | Corvin's Floors & Cabinets

Wider, Longer Hardwood

The popular look of wider, longer hardwood planks will help you create luxurious finished floors. Longer planks will enhance an open floorplan with flow and directional movement. The widest planks widths and the longest plank lengths will display more natural beauty, open up smaller spaces thanks to fewer overall seams, and lend an expensive feel.

Hardwood-Mixed Width & Length | Corvin's Floors & Cabinets

Mixed Width/Length Hardwood

Some hardwood collections feature hardwood planks with mixed plank widths or mixed plank lengths in the same box. These varied dimensions give homeowners creative, random flooring designs that add extra authenticity and distinctiveness.

Hardwood-Distressed flooring | Corvin's Floors & Cabinets

Distressed Hardwood

These hardwoods feature intentional scratching, scraping, gouging, or marking either by machine or an artisan, to create a distressed surface. Finished distressed hardwood floors are more unique and possess seasoned character. As an added bonus, distressed hardwoods hide scratches and marks better and are an excellent choice for high traffic areas.

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