Beautiful hardwood planks will last for decades.

Hardwood Beauty

Striking hardwood floors are a classic flooring option for your home that still remains one of the most highly sought-after surfaces with prospective home buyers. We have all the incredible wood species, visuals, and tones that will bring your home to life. Whether you are looking for dark hardwood floors to create dramatic contrast, lighter-colored hardwood floors to brighten a space, or medium wood tones for warmth, factor in grain patterns, character markings, and textures for added appeal. As you begin your hardwood investment, make sure to understand how different hardwood characteristics will work in your rooms.

Hardwood Flooring | Corvin's Floors & Cabinets

Solid Hardwood

Solid wood planks consist of one solid piece of wood, which allows these floors to be sanded and refinished multiple times because of the thickness of the wood plank. Although solid wood is more expensive to purchase, this investment increases home value as a premium-selling point in the housing market. Solid wood is typically nailed to the sub-flooring and will expand and contract in humid climates. Since moisture is detrimental to solid wood, these planks are not suitable for a bathroom, kitchen, mudroom, or laundry room, and should only be installed above grade.

Hardwood Species

The level of durability can vary widely among different hardwood species. Oak, maple, walnut, and cherry are common domestic hardwood choices. Many more solid options are available, including regional wood types, exotic species such as Bamboo flooring, and softer wood varieties such as pine. Each wood product has a Janka hardness rating that will indicate the level of resistance to denting and wear and the Janka rating will help you match a hardwood durability level with your household needs.

Engineered Wood

This layered construction is composed of real hardwood veneers (or slats) glued together in alternating directions to reinforce the strength of each plank. The planks are then topped with a layer of high-quality wood and a reinforced finish. Engineered wood often boasts an aluminum oxide finish for premium scratch protection. The innovative construction means that an engineered wood floor will expand and contract less than solid hardwood flooring during the changing seasons. 

Beveled Edges

Some hardwood planks featured beveled edges that shave the down the sharp 90-degree edges of each plank. Beveled hardwood helps produce a more expensive looking finished floor by creating shadows that give added dimension and depth.

Microbevel Edges

Microbevel edges or “eased edges” are cut down the length of the wood plank at a shallower 45-degree angle. The V-shaped groove created by microbevel hardwood planks side by side is a subtle detail that serves modern, contemporary, and minimalist rooms well.

Painted Bevel Edges

Painted bevel hardwood takes this look one step further as each beveled edge is painted a color that compliments the floor for added interest, dimension, and character. In larger spaces, painted bevels will add a luxurious detail to a floor that stands out beautifully in a finished layout.

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