This impressive hard surface option is made to last. 


Tremendously durable and exceptionally eye-catching, laminate flooring is a reliable hard surface product that gives homeowners an affordable, versatile option. Laminate flooring is manufactured by fusing layers of material with high heat and enormous pressure. The finished product becomes a solid piece of flooring topped with a picture layer and a clear coat resin. You will be amazed at how well our laminate styles replicates the look and feel of hardwood or stone flooring. Let's take a look at the four main layers in laminate flooring. 

Laminate Flooring | Corvin's Floors & Cabinets

Topcoat Layer

The topcoat layer is a translucent, clear finish put over the visual layer to protect both the image and core layers. The topcoat layer is designed to resist fading caused by UV rays from the sun and stains from spills, scuffs, scrapes, and dings from pets, children, and day-to-day life. Style-wise, the topcoat also provides the realistic stone or wood texture and character that gives laminate styles their authentic quality.

Visual Layer

The decorative visual layer is made using high-resolution 3D photographic images of wood grain or stone, that are glued down on the plank or tile format, and then covered with a clear finish. Multiple images are used throughout each box of laminate flooring to ensure a natural look. Today visuals offer incredible realism with virtually unrepeating patterns for authentic-looking finished floors.

Core Layer

This core layer is composed of medium- or high-density fiberboard (MDF or HDF), compressed wood particles (usually recycled), and is mixed with resins, polymers, and plastics to create the body of the flooring. The plastic or resin in the MDF/HDF is important for moisture-resistance, acclimation to humidity, and temperature changes. 

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