Cover all the bases to ensure your purchase is perfect for your home.


Are you ready for gorgeous new tile flooring? As the anchor to your design scheme and the foundation to handle the activity in your home, we know that purchasing and installing tile floors is a major home investment! New tile floors will even add value to your home if you want to relist it on the market in the future. The right purchase will allow you to love the floors as you live on them now and will serve the property for decades to come. Here are some thoughtful considerations that we like to present before you purchase tile flooring:

Living Room Tile | Corvin's Floors & Cabinets

Household Lifestyle

You love the look of tile floors, but are they suited for the rooms you want them in and your lifestyle factors? If you have an active home with kids, pets, high foot traffic, and frequent get-togethers, you will need to investigate a tile variety that lends more durability and has a greater tile density. Decorative tile is often gorgeous, but you need to ensure that the construction and finish can handle activity. If you want wood beauty in rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and laundry rooms, you can explore wood-like tile options that are better suited to handle moisture, humidity, and offer greater slip resistance.

Design & Pattern

Before you purchase new tile flooring, ensure that your favorite option will contrast and pair with your respective wall colors. Avoid similar floor and wall colors, and make sure that any wall or flooring patterns do not clash. From squares and rectangles to hexagons, diamonds, circles, and ovals, tile comes in different shapes and all sizes from tiny to large format tile. You can create mixed-size patterned designs to create truly one-of-a-kind visuals. Custom layouts will take extra planning but will add impressive, upscale appeal. Tile flooring installation will be more permanent and involve grout work so it helps to create a design that will age well while still capturing modern trends. 

DIY Capability

Generally speaking, installing tile floors is not very DIY-friendly if you do not have prior experience. You will need to carefully create grout lines, the spaces between tiles that are filled with a mixture of water, sand, and cement-like material or epoxy. You will need tools such as a tile cutter and caulking guns, and sufficient tile installation involves exact leveling skills. Installing tile requires removing old tiles, repairing any cracked, damaged, or uneven surface, and prepping the area. Professional installers will know how to properly use tile adhesive, filler, tile spacers, sanitary sealant, and tile trim. Hiring professionals is better than DIY tile installation for superior finished results.

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