This versatile product represents true modern innovation. 

Luxury Vinyl Innovation

Comprised of a high-quality vinyl core, print film, and a rigid wear layer, luxury vinyl is a plasticized, flexible vinyl that is available in a glue-down or a click version. To emulate the most popular wood varieties, luxury vinyl planks are long, narrow planks of vinyl with a thicker composition and more rigid texture than sheet vinyl. Most luxury vinyl planks are composed of thick PVC with a design layer captures the authentic look and features all the in-demand colors and realistic textures on the market. Luxury vinyl offers tremendous water resistance due to the inherent waterproof nature of vinyl. Installation options including a floating tongue-and-groove option and glue down option for easy installation. 

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Wear Layer

Simply put, the thicker the wear layer, the more durable your luxury vinyl floor will be. The Mil or thickness of the wear layer will indicate if a product is suitable for certain levels of household activity.  Luxury vinyl floors with a wear layer of 20mil or thicker are incredibly durable, while a 12mil wear layer is suitable for normal conditions. A high-quality polyurethane luxury vinyl wear layer will offer the best surface protection and preserve a better appearance over time. You can even look for a polyurethane wear layers with aluminum oxide to ceramic bead technology provide the ultimate level of durability in high traffic rooms. 

Waterproof Core

Vinyl is an inherently waterproof material, but a waterproof luxury vinyl floor needs to be outlined in the product warranty section. A waterproof luxury vinyl floor will not allow water to permeate or penetrate through it, either from the top or the bottom surface. Waterproof floors feature locking mechanisms that withstand and lock out topical water penetration at the joints. Look for wither a wood plastic composite (WPC) for enhanced comfort or solid polymer core (SPC) construction for greater stability when selecting a warranted waterproof product. You may be required to install a subfloor moisture barrier before installation for your waterproof warranty. 


Luxury vinyl typically features attached underlayment that provides noise reduction, moisture barrier, mold inhibitor, greater comfort, and longer performance. Since luxury vinyl underlayment can vary, you can also decide to add a nonattached underlayment. If your luxury vinyl features a thick, high-quality attached underlayment, you will not need additional underlayment. If the underlayment is a basic backing with minimal thickness and no added features, work with our experts to explore adding an underlayment. Quality underlayment will add extra cushion, help fix subfloor imperfections, and help with extreme temperature changes in your region.

Beveled Edges

For added hardwood realism, some luxury vinyl planks featured beveled edges that shave the down the sharp 90-degree edges of each plank. Beveled luxury vinyl helps produce a more expensive looking finished floor by creating shadows that give added dimension and depth. 

Microbevel Edges

Microbevel edges or “eased edges” are cut down the length of the plank at a shallower 45-degree angle. As part of a natural looking wood floor, the V-shaped groove created by microbevel luxury vinyl planks side by side is a subtle detail that serves modern, contemporary, and minimalist rooms well. 

Painted Bevel Edges

Painted bevel luxury vinyl takes this look one step further as each beveled edge is painted a color that compliments the floor for added interest, dimension, and character. In larger spaces, painted bevels will add a luxurious detail to a floor that stands out beautifully in a finished layout. 

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